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Frequently Asked Question

We will run a standard affordability check on all applications. Once the approval application is completed through our website, we will also require the following documents: copy of your driver’s license, utility bill, 3 months bank statements and 3 months payslips.

Yes, you will need to tax the vehicle in the usual way.

This depends on vehicle availability. On average it takes 21 days from the date when the order is placed for the car to be delivered. Our customer service team works with our suppliers to ensure delivery is as prompt as possible and we will keep you fully updated throughout the process.

Always select a kilometer allowance based on the distances you currently drive. If you are unsure, an average 15,000km per annum is a good starting point for city centre driving. You may need to adjust that based on other factors, including your driving style and your home and/or work location.

It’s simple! If you think you will  exceed your selected kilometer allowance, just  contact us before it happens. If you do go over the agreed allowance,  there will be an excess fee of €0.12c per additional kilometer . Nifti will check in once a year to record your kilometers and help you to avoid surprises or hidden costs at the end of your personal lease agreement.

No, the vehicle will remain the property of the lender at all times.

The term is 100% your decision. We offer 24, 36 and 48 month leases and the longer the term, the lower the monthly payments.

Yes, you will need to maintain the vehicle in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines. We work  with trusted partners who can provide support and  peace of mind when it comes to vehicle servicing.

All vehicles come with full manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

Before starting your personal lease, you must insure the vehicle under a fully comprehensive policy.

Accidents happen. The most important thing is that you are safe.  After speaking with your insurance company, please contact the Nifti Driver Support Team on +353 1 4091213 to chat through the details of the accident.

We are here to help. Please contact the Nifti Customer Support Team on +353 1 5691154 and we will assist in any way possible.

If your personal lease agreement is terminated early, you must pay a sum which is equal to 40% of the future instalments plus any arrears.

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