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18% OFF Car Insurance for Nifti customers

What car insurance do I need with Nifti?

Before starting a Nifti personal lease, the vehicle will need to be insured fully comprehensive by the hirer, which will cover any damage to the vehicle in the unlikely event of an accident.

Our insurance partners Allianz can provide you with a fully comprehensive car insurance quote with an 18% discount. Simply get in touch with them via the link below to claim this offer with your Nifti lease.


Young Drivers


We know that getting insurance as a young driver or first-time driver can be a little tricky, not to mention expensive. But all is not lost. Allianz is happy to insure young and new drivers with Nifti.


Recently moved to Ireland?

As a Nifti Customer, if you hold an Irish, UK or EU licence and have previously earned a no claims bonus, Allianz should be able to quote for you*. If you don’t have a no claims bonus but hold a full or provisional Irish licence, that is fine too, and you can complete your quotation online.

*Standard acceptance criteria, terms & conditions apply. 


Changing from a company car?

If you have previously been on your company insurance policy, Allianz will accept your time on that policy as driving history when it comes to your quote. The standard acceptance criteria, terms & conditions will apply.

Running Costs & Savings

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