Winter Tips: How to preserve your electric vehicle’s battery life

Rising energy costs are set to affect us all, and Nifti are here to advise you on efficient use of your EV (Electric Vehicle) during the winter months ahead. There are many cost-effective hacks you can do to charge up your EV on a budget whilst making the most of its battery and enjoying the benefits of driving an electric vehicle.

Get into the habit of overnight charging

It’s cheapest to charge EVs overnight during off-peak hours, usually between midnight and 7 am. This is because the general demand for electricity is considerably lower than during the day, although specific off-peak hours will differ between energy suppliers. Some of the newer EV chargers allow drivers to schedule a charge during off-peak hours, through the onboard system or phone app. 

Getting a specific EV energy tariff can also provide cheaper prices if available. It’s always best to check with suppliers to see the best deals available and shop around when you are out of contract. 

Use a slow three-pin charge point

As well as charging up overnight, another way to reduce costs is to use a slow charge point or three-pin plug. Most EVs come with them, but users are often advised that these are more for emergency use because of the slow rate of charge. However, this slower charging draws down less electricity than faster charging options, which could help you save on your home energy bill. It will take a few hours longer to get a full battery, but this could be a more cost-effective option for home charging. Ensure you have a dedicated outdoor waterproof plug professionally fitted, and never use extension leads. 

Charge while you shop

The Irish network of public charge points is increasing, and there are still some supermarkets across the country offering free charging facilities for their customers. It’s easy to charge up whilst doing the weekly shop for no extra cost. EV owners can find their closest complimentary charge points online. Just make sure to review any restrictions in the supermarket car park, such as length of use, to avoid any fines. 

Keep your EV indoors

If possible, use underground car parks and garages to increase the longevity of your EV battery. Because changing temperatures can be a drain on batteries, the climate control of garages helps maintain the charge range of an EV. If you own your home, install an insulated garage door. Your EV battery will thank you for keeping warm.

Check for grants

The initial cost of installing an EV charger can be expensive, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of benefits and EV grants that the government provides to help lower the cost of charging electric vehicles.

Drive efficiently

There are several driving tips to keep in mind to extend the battery range of electric vehicles and lessen the charging frequency. Anticipate any hazards or junctions on the road to avoid harsh braking or unnecessary acceleration. Be mindful of the speed as higher speeds increase the consumption of energy in electric vehicles. Understand your air conditioning and heating systems and only use them when necessary. Charge your mobile devices overnight and not in the car on the way to work. And be sure to de-clutter your car and clear out the boot to reduce some weight.

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