Complete guide to car lease mileage allowance

What is mileage allowance?

Nearly every car lease or PCP agreement will come with an annual mileage limit per year. This limit typically falls between 8,000 and 15,000 kilometres. Higher mileage lease agreements are available, but these agreements come with higher monthly lease payments. With Nifti, you can select the mileage limit that suits your driving and lifestyle needs. We offer mileage options from 10,000 kilometres to 30,000 kilometres per year. 

Is there a mileage limit on lease cars?

Yes, there is a mileage limit on lease cars, but you have the option to set this limit before you enter an agreement. Before you lease, calculate the typical kilometres your car covers per year. Start by working out your daily commute and multiply accordingly. Allow for slightly more than your yearly average to err on the side of caution.

What is excessive mileage?

Excessive mileage typically refers to mileage over 15,000 kilometres per year. If you expect to drive beyond this limit, consider agreeing to a different lease rate. The Nifti Customer Service Team will be able to advise you as you review the contract on your chosen vehicle. Nifti will contact you every 12 months to check in on your mileage and prevent any cost shock at the end of the contract term. If you need to increase your mileage during the contract, Nifti can help.

Can I increase the mileage on my car lease?

If your circumstances change during your lease period and your mileage has increased, you can contact the Nifti Customer Support Team. We’ll help forecast mileage given the point of your contract and adjust accordingly. 

What happens if I exceed my mileage allowance and what are the charges?

If you think you will exceed your selected mileage allowance, please contact us before it happens. If you do go over, there will be an excess fee of €0.10c per additional kilometre. Nifti will check in once a year to record your mileage so there are no big surprises or hidden costs at the end of your contract.

Can I change my lease mileage?

Nifti are always here to help. We will check in with you once a year to do a mileage check. If you are going over your mileage allowance we can chat about options on how best to manage this. We don’t want any of our customers to be shocked by extra or hidden costs at the end of the contract. 

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